Economic windows

Economic windows

Economic windows are the best choice for:

  • utility buildings,
  • warehouses,
  • livestock buildings (pigsties, stables, cowsheds, hen houses, etc.),
  • staircases,
  • basements.


Economic windows are based on 5-chamber Veka Perfectline profile, using Schierenbeck technology. The window fittings are made of plastic, which makes them resistant to aggressive environment, ensuring long-term trouble-free operation.
Minimum profile height allows to obtain maximum lighting of rooms, whereas simple structure facilitates sash removal or window pane disassembly. Our windows are maintenance-free.
Economic windows are available in two versions: non-opening or with three-step tilt regulation.

Technical specification

PVC profile thickness 70 mm
Number of chambers in frame 5
Profile heat transfer coefficient
1,3 W/m2K
Number of gaskets 1
window pane package double-pane
Glass heat transfer coefficient
1,1 W/m2K
Glass pane spacer ALU
SELECT (hidden hinges) —-
Number of anti-burglary latches (RU sashes) —-
DFE (handle-turning lock with sash lifter) —-
MSLOS (tilt regulation) 3-step tilt
ZSS (anti-slam tilt lock) —-
Micro-ventilation —-
Under sill strip —-
Type of handle —-
(Standard) glass acoustic insulation
30 dB
Alternative design —-



Window panes

Glazed unit is a hermetically sealed system of glass panes separated from one another, integrated along the perimeter with space bars andsealed with a sealant.Space between glass panes, referred to as cavity, is filled with air or noble gas.
Cavities can be used for installation of decorative dividers. Characteristics of glazed unit can be freely modified by using suitable types of components and coats as well as suitable number and width of cavities between glass panes.

Glass units types

  • low emission
  • acoustic
  • solar control
  • fire resistant
  • safety and security