External roller shutters

External roller shutters

External roller shutter constitutes an element of the building façade protected against external factors
(from atmospheric conditions to uninvited guests).

The main advantages of external roller shutters are the following:

  • Excellent thermal insulation, which contributes to the decrease in the costs of heat storage in the building;
  • Acoustic protection;
  • Additional protection of window opening;
  • Improvement of the building standard;
  • Possible application in both new and already existing buildings.

We offer the following types of external roller shutters:

  • Fasade roller shutter:
    – ST2000
    – RL2000
    – OL2000
    – OS2000
  • Incorporated roller shutter:
    – IT 2000
  • Top-mounted roller shutter:
    – TL 1000
    – TP 1000


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